“Mashup” Digital Designs

If you asked me what I enjoy doing the most for relaxation, I would tell you that my favorite way to “chill” is creating designs with my favorite photo-editing software, which by the way is Photoshop Elements.

new_assortment    ScriptCutout_mod2

The images above are just a couple examples of images I have created on the computer and have ultimately printed onto fabric and incorporated into quilts.  It’s a great way to add variety and interest to what I’m working on–and the best part is that it is a print on demand process.

I dubbed these images “mashup” because sometimes I bring together three, four, or five images that have no relationship whatsoever.  And I think that is actually what makes them interesting.  I choose these images almost randomly.  Sometimes it is for color and at other times for lines.

Below is an example of how I have used several different prints of my mashup digital art.  In some cases I cut it into strips while at other times I simply used larger, more colorful, sections.

IMG_3597 copy



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