A Word or Two About Mashups

It stands to reason that once I take the time to create some digital art that I need to get the most out of it.  That is how I came to creating more variety with just one design.  This is what I’m talking about.

The designs were created with images processed in Photoshop Elements.  The images probably included other digital art images along with gel-plate prints used for texture and color.  I also used a photo I had of one of the quilts I made recently.

Once satisfied with its overall composition, the image can then be rendered in either the “Quick” or “Guided” menus in Photoshop Elements, which provide interesting color variations.  Or, another layer with some interesting color can also be applied.  I’m never too consistent about how I create images and it is truly a “trial-and-error” process.


13483244_10208143078553128_8185433998050631656_o 13458763_10208143071392949_751037536036053156_o 13415617_10208143073072991_2980728194824287762_o 13415540_10208143074113017_2912894309213987693_o 13412113_10208143070872936_676031967822961369_o 13411812_10208143073993014_3031368214182133932_o